Requesting Access to the Restricted Catalog

You will need a gmail account to access our Restricted Catalog (sorry, only gmail addresses are recognized by our system). Please send me an email at with your name, local community (area and country) and gmail address. I will then register your gmail to the library so you can sign-in.

For group access, please create a google group ( then let me know so I can register the group's address. Those with gmail addresses in your group will then be able to sign-in using their individual gmail accounts, including those you will add in the future. Group access is ideal, for instance, in cases where you want to ensure that all your local leaders can give the scheduled annual formation talks to their members during their household meetings.  

In your email, please do not forget to let me know what you think of our Community Library.

Thank you for your interest and may God bless you!

Rene Santayana

CFC Vienna, Austria